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Arrival of the steam locomotive and the K3 wagon

12 Apr

On April 11, the 1916 La Meuse steam locomotive and the large K3 wagon (24 meters) at the CFV3V departed from the railway museum in Mariembourg, Belgium.

This beautiful locomotive is heading straight for the big trailer (with a little help from the Dick Brothers). Thursday, April 13 in the morning, the locomotive and the wagon arrive at the train station of Dracy-Saint-Loup and will be placed on the rails around 9:30.

The three compartments of the K3 will be converted into two luxurious private rooms (each with spas for two people) plus a tea room / library. The locomotive will be connected to the Orient Express sleeping car and the Trans-Europe Express Mistral car restaurant, which will be transported around April 24.

The ghost wolf of Dracy-Saint-Loup supervised the event.

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November 10: a day to remember for two reasons

14 Nov

1. The birthday of the United States Marine Corps, an organization I am proud to have served. A heterogeneous mix of men and women of all races and religions with a common purpose, a life dependent on another, regardless of race or religion.

2. Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) – a name so beautiful that it should be attached to a wedding celebration or the coming of the New Year, but in fact was a night of terror brought on by the barbaric Nazi regime, at night from November 9-10, 1938. The taking of lives, the blows and the destruction of the synagogues and the property of a people who had lived peacefully among the same neighbors who were attacking them now.

Remember, pride and shame,

Gregory Marshall, USMCR

Platoon Commander, E5, Infantry 1963-1971

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