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November 10: a day to remember for two reasons

1. The birthday of the United States Marine Corps, an organization I am proud to have served. A heterogeneous mix of men and women of all races and religions with a common purpose, a life dependent on another, regardless of race or religion.

2. Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) – a name so beautiful that it should be attached to a wedding celebration or the coming of the New Year, but in fact was a night of terror brought on by the barbaric Nazi regime, at night from November 9-10, 1938. The taking of lives, the blows and the destruction of the synagogues and the property of a people who had lived peacefully among the same neighbors who were attacking them now.

Remember, pride and shame,

Gregory Marshall, USMCR

Platoon Commander, E5, Infantry 1963-1971

14 November 2016
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